Policies and FAQs

Get Nasty On-Ramp Program

If you’re brand new to CrossFit, you must complete the Get Nasty program before becoming a member. Please call ahead to schedule your Get Nasty Program. Your first session will be scheduled upon completion of waivers and payment.

Membership Cancellation/Hold

Please email your request for cancellation/hold/adjustment to  info@nastyhabitcrossfit.com at least 48 hours before your billing date (which can be found in Wodify). Cancellation/hold/adjustment requests that are not submitted 48 hours before your billing date will be at the discretion of the owner and may be subject to a processing fee.

Memberships cannot be put on hold for longer than a month. If you need to put your account on hold longer than a month, your account will be deactivated until you return. To reactive your account, call or email us.


While we completely understand that many members often need to bring their kids with them, we want to make sure that the kids are safe as well as those of you who are working out. We ask that all children please stay in the couch area during class times. There are lines marked on the floor to show the area where they should stay in order to be safely away from equipment and athletes. Infants/toddlers should stay either in carriers or strollers. (Parents, please be sure that they are at a safe distance from the athletes and from any equipment.) Children of any age should not be using or climbing on ANY equipment, no exceptions. We also ask that children not use the whiteboards and markers. We ask that all parents be mindful of these rules and enforce them with your children. We don’t want the coaches to have to worry about this, as their focus should be the athletes in class. Also it puts the coach in an awkward position having to correct someone else’s children. We love that many of the kids want to try things out but our athletes are our first priority, as they are paying to be at the box. We don't want anyone to have their workouts disrupted or to be worrying about any kids that might be running around. It is best that the parents bring something for the kids to do so that they can stay occupied. Also, please be sure to clean up after them. If they have snacks, please clean up crumbs, wrappers, spills, etc.


Please leave your pets at home. The workouts are only one hour and we want you to get the most out of that hour. While we love animals, our space is simply not big enough to accommodate the athletes, kids and animals. It becomes a safety issue when pets are getting in the way of athletes doing workouts. Also, please remember that even though you may love your pet, others may be allergic to or scared of them! We only have one gym dog, Leila, who is a well-trained certified therapy dog.


Saturday Open Gym

Open gym takes place every Saturday from 9:30am to 11:00am. Open gym is included as a free day for anyone with a 5x a week or 3 x a week membership. It is not included as a free day for those with punch cards, it will count towards your 10 sessions. Please reserve your spot at open gym in the Wodify app, under the “programs” dropdown on the class schedule page. Just like regular class times, Open Gym will cancel if no one has reserved their spot. We ask that you cancel your reservation if you are unable to attend.

There will always be a programmed WOD for Open Gym that you can do, or you can use that time to do a previous WOD or work on whatever you’d like. Feel free to ask the coach for ideas/tips if you’re stumped!

How to Update Your Debit/Credit Card Info

Got a new debit/credit card? Updating your credit card information in Wodify is easy. Go to the drop down menu on the top right of the screen while in the app and select “Settings”. You can then select “Payment Info” where you’ll be able to update your card information.

Reserving/Cancelling Class Times

We understand that many of our members have families and are busy between work, kids, etc. However, since some classes fill up, we need you to reserve your class spots via Wodify. If you show up to a class without reserving your spot, the Coach on duty reserves the right to decide whether or not you will be allowed into that class. For the lower volume classes, this is usually not an issue. However, if a class is at capacity or close to being full, you may be turned away. This is because sometimes there is not enough equipment or space to accommodate more people. It also allows us to uphold our quality of coaching by not having an oversized group. Any unreserved spots for classes are first come first served. Please check with the Coach on duty when you arrive and they will let you know if there is a spot available for you.

We also ask that if you can’t make it to the class that you have reserved, please cancel your reservation. By not cancelling your reservation, you are taking the spot of someone else who wants to come to that class.

Remember, class reservations for 6am close at 8pm the prior evening. Class reservations for the 10am class close at 7am. Class reservations for the evening classes close 2 hours prior to the class start times. If there are no reservations for a class when the reservation window closes, the class will be cancelled. So be sure to reserve your class times! You can reserve your class times up to 3 days in advance. 

Get to class on time

We ask that you please arrive to class on time and be ready to warm up at the class start time. Arriving late could cause you to miss out on a whole section of the day's work as the coach will not hold up the whole class for you! If you are late, please check with the coach as to where you should begin. 

Snow/Inclement Weather

If you wake up and it's snowing and Holyoke schools are closed, the morning classes will likely be cancelled at the gym. The easiest way to check what classes are cancelled is by checking your Wodify app! We will also try to post in the members group on Facebook. If you have already reserved a spot in a class and it closes, you will receive an email from Wodify letting you know it has closed. But when in doubt, be sure to check Wodify before heading to the gym.

Respect the equipment

Please don’t drop barbells (especially empty or with only 10lb plates on them), dumbbells, kettlebells, etc. from any height. Control all equipment to the floor. Not only will this keep the equipment and floor in great shape, but it will keep everyone safe from bouncing equipment. The only exception to this is to keep yourself safe and avoid injury. If you are unsure of how to safely bail from a lift, don't hesitate to ask your coach!

Respect the facility

Please put your equipment away where you found it when you are done with it. Clean up your blood, sweat and tears: sharing is caring, but not when it comes to DNA and germs. There are sanitizing wipes for this purpose. Clean up chalk with wipes or the broom and dustpan. If you spill your water or protein shake, please clean it up. Put your gear back in your cubby and take your water bottles home, please don't leave them scattered around the gym!

Respect the coaches

Please give your coaches your full attention when they are explaining the WOD, demonstrating technique or giving you feedback. They are there to make your time in the box great and help you to do your best. Follow safe and proper techniques. Be coachable!

While we understand that you may be eager to help your fellow athletes, please let the coach do their job and coach. 

Respect Yourself

Work with integrity! Follow the movement standards, do not shortcut reps or skip reps. Your CrossFit accomplishments, how heavy you lift, or how fast you run, does not indicate what kind of person you are. Being coachable, respectful, a great teammate, hard working and honest (including your range of motion and counting reps) is a direct reflection of your character. Work hard but remember to have fun.

Respect Your Fellow Athletes

We are a community and we are all equals! Introduce yourself to the newbies. Support each other, cheer each other on. A high five goes a long way in connecting with each other and building each other up.